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    Hey Everyone!
    I will give you a quick rundown on my situation

    My ex and I dated from August 2017-May 2019
    We got back together, or at least tried, September 2019-December 2019

    I am currently in the no contact stage, however this weekend my best friend is having a birthday party for her husband… and my ex is invited because they are pals (they met through me, not best friends or anything but her husband doesnt have many guy friends). My best friend checked with me first and I told her it was no issues & the weekend is not at all about me.

    However, I am a sensitive and emotional person haha…. I really wanted the 30day no contact but I know I have to be civil and be a mature adult. How do I avoid being awkward and try to give off the “I am doing so great” vibe?

    Thank you!!!

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    @victoria6565 Just be yourself and focus on your friend and her husband. Don’t get caught up alone with your ex.. And don’t put on a show of how great you’re doing!
    Have fun:)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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