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Boards Reconciliation I am 19 y.o. stupid drama queen.

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    I am nineteen and my ex as well. it was the first relationship for both of us, he liked me for almost a year but he was so scared to talk to me that I needed to give him sights. We texted for like two weeks, then we were on two dates and we started this relationship.
    It was such a hurried relationship! It started pretty well but how I started to act needy he started to lose his interest. I was soooo stupid! I acted like i didn’t have any other hobbies, I need him for everything and these shits. I gain a lot of weight. Omg, I’m so embraced. I told him that a love him after a month. (i didn’t I’m so stupid omg) He told me that he doesn’t think that he is able to love me. He needs time, he said that he doesn’t want to break-up so early but he knows that it would happen anyway. He thought he will never love me back, so after a month, we broke up. It was weird, he always said that he likes my company, he likes to spend time with me and we never argued.
    I didn’t beg or plead. I said thanks for everything and that I’m not interested in being friends so we will be strangers again. We are classmates and i didn’t show up in school so he wrote to me after three days how am doing. I said I’m fine, that I’ve been gone to Italy. (that wasn’t true but after a few days I really went to Italy.)
    I didn’t write to him. I just posted pictures on Instagram how I’m enjoying my best life.
    My friends wrote to me how he is upset, confused and angry in the school.
    I reached out after three weeks asking him for a coffee. He said he would like to come. He had to wait for me for two hours because of trains lol. We didn’t talk at school. This was for the first time. He seemed to be sad, he said he had an argument with his brother (he really needs him, he has to be upset), his car is broken and that’s pretty everything that he told me. I had to talk for an hour! About stories from those three weeks, how I am having a great time, how I’m spending time with my friends which is also true. I was the more positive, strong and happy person here. He told me that he has a very monotonous life and all his days seems to be the same. We didn’t talk about the relationship or everything. I think he thought that I’m going to brink it up to the table. WELL, I DID NOT. I changed, my hair, I lost weight, i started with my hobbies again.. I DID FUCKING EVERYTHING BUT
    After an hour I said I want to go. On the walk back he told me he wants to meet up once again. Then he added that he needs to experience something so he will able to talk about something. I said “you have nothing to tell me?” and he said that he doesn’t have anything that to ask.
    He actually asked me if he can hug me.
    Then he left, I wrote to him: “Thanks:)” He replied: “Nothing”

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    @tlustaanca Focus on work, school, and hobbies. Your ex needs to focus on his own life. When you see him, just try to be happy and have fun times together without so much drama.

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