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    Hey everyone reading…

    So a few weeks ago I got a text from my ex during no contact. It wasn’t a “hey” or “hey i miss you” text, it was business related. I don’t want to go into too much detail but to keep it simple she had a potential client and to be 100% honest I did not see it as a “omg she texted me” moment but more as a “hey if i can make money so be it” moment.

    So I broke no contact to reply to the text to which I was actually left on read two minutes after sending the text (according to iMessage). I did not get a reply until the next day at sundown pretty much exactly 24hrs later. It was just a followup text to which I did not reply.

    It’s been a week or two of radio silence and now I’m wondering if there was ever a potential client at all. I’m starting to get the feeling my ex just wanted to reach out and leaving me on read until 24hrs later is what is giving it away.

    I saw it as a business opportunity and nothing more tbh, so I don’t really feel I broke no contact, although technically I did. I wasn’t shook after receiving her text and being left on read, I have been living my life and enjoying it.

    Question is, should I start no contact all over because of this? My no contact was planned to end next week.

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    Counting the hours it takes for someone to reply is silly. People are busy, ya know? Start no contact over again.

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